Year Without Summer

Almost two hundred years ago, on April 10th 1815, Mount Tambora in Eastern Indonesia became a merciless killer. It unleashed the most deadly volcanic eruption in human history, wiping out at least 117,000 people. And the killing didn’t stop there.  Now considered the most violent volcanic eruption in 10,000 years, it is believed that this blast could have triggered an extraordinary and little known cataclysmic event: worldwide climate change. Horrific details of this sinister human disaster are coming to light for the first time.

Finalist, Best Earth Sciences Award Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, USA
Finalist 18th International Mountain & Adventure Film Festival, Graz, Austria
Finalist, Earth Science Award Wildscreen 2006, Bristol, UK

BBC 2 / Discovery / National Geographic Channel / NDR, 2005

1 x 60'